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Privacy Policy

Short version :

  • Providers, including Google, use cookies to display relevant ads by following a user's previous visits to your website or other websites.
  • The use of advertising cookies allows Google and its partners to display ads based on visits made by users to their websites or to other Internet websites.
  • You can disable the use of cookies for personalized advertising by other providers by visiting http://www.aboutads.info/choices/
  • We collect anonymous statistics about your visit, such as the pages you've viewed.
  • Third-party websites such as FaceBook and Twitter will know if you have visited this page and if you have used their services. We can not control it but we do not think that represents any threat.
  • If you register on our website, we are committed to keeping your private data secure and encrypted so that no one can access them.
  • We will NEVER share your information with third party websites.
These have only been some points, if you want more details, read on ...

Legal warning :

  • All trade names, brands, images, logos and distinctive signs that appear on this website belong to and are the property of their respective owners. PixelKeys is not responsible for the opinions expressed by its collaborators and / or users.
  • On PixelKeys we are against piracy but we are aware that many people are made with backups without having the original product. Remember that doing so is an attack on intellectual property and therefore you are undermining the future of the company. PixelKeys does not host backups on any of its servers. PixelKeys is a non-profit page, so you will never find pop-ups or links that lead to content of doubtful legality.
  • PixelKeys buys the original products and draws them among the winners of the sweepstakes.

Cookies of DoubleClick

What are cookies?
  • Cookies are small text files that are stored in a user's browser. Most cookies contain a unique identifier called a cookie ID - a string of characters that websites and servers associate with the browser in which the cookie is stored. In this way, websites and servers can distinguish the browser from other browsers that store different cookies and recognize each browser by its unique cookie ID.
  • The use of cookies is widespread on websites and servers to offer many of the services we find online. If you buy from a website, a cookie allows the site to remember the items you have added to the shopping cart. If you set preferences on a website, a cookie allows the site to remember your preferences the next time you visit. Or if you register on a website, that site may use a cookie to recognize your browser later, so you do not have to re-register. Cookies also allow websites to collect data on user activity, such as how many unique visitors a page receives per month. All these applications depend on the information stored in cookies.
How does DoubleClick use cookies?
  • DoubleClick uses cookies to improve advertising. They are often used to target ads based on content that is relevant to a user, improve campaign performance reporting, and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen.
  • 1 Each DoubleClick cookie ID is essential for these applications. For example, DoubleClick uses the cookie ID to keep track of the ads that are displayed in each browser. When you publish an ad in a browser, DoubleClick can use that browser's cookie ID to check DoubleClick ads that have already been served to it. This is how DoubleClick avoids publishing ads that the user has already seen. Similarly, cookie IDs allow DoubleClick to record conversions related to ad requests, such as when a user views a DoubleClick ad and then uses the same browser to visit the advertiser's website And make a purchase.
  • DoubleClick cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. With the user's permission, the information associated with the DoubleClick cookie can be added to your Google account.
How to disable this option
  • You can disable it by Ad settings, The DoubleClick unique cookie ID of the user's browser will be overridden with the phrase "OPT_OUT". Because a single cookie ID no longer exists, the disabled cookie can not be associated with a particular browser.

Measuring our visitors :

  • We measure visitors to our website through Google Analytics. This logs the pages you visit within our site, how you came to our site and some basic information about your computer. All information is anonymous, so we do not know who you are.
  • The information we get from analytics helps us understand which parts of our sites are having the most visitors and also how people come to our site and so on. Like most websites, we use this information to make our website better.
  • You can get more information about Google Analytics or How to disable it if you want.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks :

  • These services provide the social buttons we use on our website, such as the button "Like" and "Share".
  • We only integrate these codes but we have no control over them. By using one of these buttons, the social network will get information about you such as knowing what webpage you are viewing.

Feedback on the web :

  • To enable visitors to comment on our content, we implemented a feedback system offered by FaceBook. As we mentioned earlier, you can get information about yourself.
  • We do not control the people who comment or the types of comments they make, but we can block them if we find them and also delete their comments.

The E-mails :

  • To prevent bots or other types of threats from being registered on our site, we will ask you to send a link with an activation link to your account. You will not be able to use our website completely and you will have some restricted options until you confirm your e-mail.
  • We will NOT provide your e-mail or any personal information to third parties. We will simply use it to verify that you are a person and not a bot and the information you provided is real.
  • We will NOT send any e-mail advertising, misleading content or other spam, we will only use it to activate your account and then we will not use it for anything else.

Security :

PixelKeys can take many precautions to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. These precautions include :
  • Back up your data every day.
  • Encryption of some personal data.
  • Restrict that other pages can load content from our website in yours (iframes or others).
While we take great care to ensure that any confidential information is protected, we can not guarantee the security of the data sent over the Internet.
Of course, you are responsible for keeping your user password and other confidential information. No one in PixelKeys will ask for your password, so please do not confide in anyone who wants to ask.

Changes in this policy :

We may update this privacy policy from time to time, especially as technology changes. You can always check this page for the latest version. You may receive a notice on your account in order for the policy to change.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or your personal data, please write us by filling in the contact form by clicking HERE and we will try to respond as soon as possible.
You will receive a notice in your account and you will be able to read our answer once answered.